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Trial Version only in Mono? - silas - 05-14-2018

Testing out the trial version of USB Audio Recorder with a stereo mic connected via OTG to an Android device, Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I'm seeing the option to record a stereo input under I/O, but am being allowed access to change it from mono to stereo. When touching "Mono 1" to change it, the drop down arrow simply disappears. Is this a limitation of the trial, or what else could be causing this?

Many thanks in advance.

RE: Trial Version only in Mono? - dwrae - 05-14-2018

No, it's not a limitation of the trial. Which USB mic do you have?

RE: Trial Version only in Mono? - silas - 05-14-2018

Thank you for the swift response. My various stereo mics (binaurals, stereo clip mics, all small condensers) are not USB, and so I was attempting to find the proper way to utilize them with a smartphone, a Galaxy Note 5. Perhaps what I've read on the subject, was misinterpreted. Is it not possible to use an OTG, and with an external usb mic/headphone device, to reach a stereo pathway into the phone (possible only through the usb port, as there's no stereo input through the basic headphone/mic jack on the phone).

I imagine another interface is missing. Please assist. Thank you.