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async in progress - hokuahi - 06-15-2018

I'm frequently seeing an "Async in Progress" with an option to "Abort" message when I select an audio track, after which the track won't play.

Hiby R6
SanDisk Ultra 256GB
USB Audio Player PRO

RE: async in progress - dwrae - 06-16-2018

Yes, that's perfectly normal if you are playing from network: if you just tapped on a song to start, it prefetches and decodes 10 seconds or more of data (depending on your network buffer size setting). If during that time period you try to start another track, you will get this message. There isn't any other viable thing to do I'm afraid.

RE: async in progress - hokuahi - 06-16-2018

I'm not playing from a network, just the device.

RE: async in progress - dwrae - 06-20-2018

If it happens from local storage then something is blocking read/write access for a prolonged period of time.

RE: async in progress - hokuahi - 06-20-2018

Thank you.