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Native DSD : white noise - jclark69 - 08-16-2018


When I select the native DSD mode there is a strong white noise. DSD to PCM mode works perfectly.
In comparison with other threads in this forum I don't get any error, just white noise. This is the case with any dff or dsf file, whatever the sampling rate.
Setup :
- Samsung A5 (2016) Android 7.0
- DAC Encore mdsd (which should be able to accept native dsd stream until DSD256).

Thanks for help.

RE: Native DSD : white noise - dwrae - 08-22-2018

Does it work in DoP mode?

RE: Native DSD : white noise - jclark69 - 08-23-2018

No. In DoP mode one can hear a very weak sound composed by white noise and the orginal music. It is necessary to push the volume quite high to hear something.
The DAC has a small LED which is red in PCM and DoP mode, and blue in DSD mode. So it switches to DSD but plays this very loud white noise.

I have try the DAC wiht my PC using Foobar with the ASIO driver, it works perfectly in both PCM and DSD native mode (I haven't found how to put Foobar in DoP mode).

RE: Native DSD : white noise - dwrae - 08-26-2018

They are probably using a different DSD format than all other DACs that support native DSD. I'm not sure what I can do about that without having the device here.

RE: Native DSD : white noise - jclark69 - 08-26-2018

Nothing to do with a log file, either with Foobar and/or USB Audio Player PRO ? I mean, to check if Foobar send a different stream ?

RE: Native DSD : white noise - dwrae - 08-27-2018

Foobar on Android does not support USB audio so that does not help