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Album playing order issue - aklwarrior - 08-28-2018

The playing order doesn't follow the albums' order if were sorted ascending/descending by Year in artist view. 
The app plays a random album from the same artist instead of playing the next one in order, or jumps directly to the next artist.

Example when UAPP is in Library/Artist mode. The albums are in the correct order (ascending) visually.
Album files are all tagged properly with years: 2001, 2003, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2016. The year is also part of the folders' name as 'artist - year - album'
1. Start playing the album 2010.
2. Next album will be 2001 -> must be 2012.
3. Next album 2016 -> must be then 2003.
4. Jumps to the next Artist.

Doesn't seem like normal. Can it be fixed, please?

RE: Album playing order issue - aklwarrior - 08-28-2018

And the album player screen doesn't switch to the next album, remains at the previously played one.