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+1 midi loop bug - fabcool - 08-30-2018

AEM is my best audio app before n-Track, flstudio, and the others.
But for now I use only the native audio of my tablet cause this bug. 
My config : Huawei mediapad M5 + audiobox Usb - and Android 8. 
When I use audiobox I can hear two loops, after that 5 or 6 silent loops, and again hear the loop, again silent and so and so. 
It's the same thing without audio usb, with openSLES.
With native audio no problem  


Edit : native audio = audiotrack

RE: +1 midi loop bug - dwrae - 09-01-2018

Is that with audio or MIDI tracks?

RE: +1 midi loop bug - fabcool - 09-03-2018

It's for midi track. 
I've don't try audio for now.