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Using an external dlna renderer - jlcharrier - 11-30-2018

I would like to use an external renderer, namely a wireless speaker Libratone ZIPP Mini2, which is connected to my wifi network and which is dlna enabled.
I cannot manage to cast my music to this dlna speaker with UAPP : music is played on the phone (A Galaxy Note 8 with Android 8.0.0), not on my Libratone speaker, and I don't understand which settings I should tweak (has it something to do with "start upnp renderer" ??).
This is a pity, since Bubbleupnp does the trick with no problem...(except that it's not gapless)
Do you have a solution ?

RE: Using an external dlna renderer - dodeau - 08-15-2019

Ce serait idéal si l'on pouvait caster sur un renderer externe à l'instar de BubbleUnPn. Est-ce que c'est prévu dans les prochaines mise à jour?
Merci d'avance

RE: Using an external dlna renderer - klamia71 - 05-28-2020

i ugree!!! 100% if you do that it will be perfect@!