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multiple tag support - bmcelvan - 03-01-2019

I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere so figured I'd ask here.

Can UAPP detect multiple tags in MP3 and FLAC files?

For example the song Back in Black. I have it tagged with two genre tags, "Hits" and "Hard Rock".

In the media tree when looking up music to play, will this song show up in BOTH

Genre-->Hits-->Back in Black
Genre-->Hard Rock-->Back In Black

Same question with other fields as well like artist.

Thanks for any help

RE: multiple tag support - dwrae - 03-02-2019

At the moment, it will only take the first

RE: multiple tag support - andreo10 - 11-20-2019


I want to open this topic again, as this answer is long time ago and since then i couldnt find any update via search funktion..

I have about 8000files on my IBasso dx160, FLAC, with multiple Genre Tags, divided by ";"

In most apps (Poweramp, MangoPlayer, HIBY Music) this is read properly.. Not so in USBAudioPlayerPro. 

What i get if i go to GENRES 

For example, if i have tagged an album as "Rock;Rock Alternative;Blues Rock" i see in USBAudioPlayerPro a Genre called "Rock Rock Alternative Blues Rock" it just take away the separator but write the whole text as one..

In Poweramp you have a setting for the Tag Separator there you can set your Separator like ";" or "," or "/" or "//"

Is there anything similar for USBAudioPlayerPro?

Thanks for contribution