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Database not updating? - joesee - 05-24-2019

Hello everyone. I've been using USB Audio Pro now for as long as I can remember. I've always had this issue, but I'm tired of it so I'm on here hoping someone may be able to help! 

I use iSyncr to update my music on Android 9.0 Pie on my T-Mobile Galaxy S10. My understanding is this process updates the Android database with the files and playlists. USB Audio Pro reads this database and effectively imports the Android database when scanning. The problem is, it doesn't update anything. I try 'clearing the database' but that does nothing. I try re-scanning, both automatic and manual and the database just doesn't update. I have to go into the app settings, force stop, clear data then I can rescan and it's updated correctly. What REALLY sucks about that is it loses ALL of my EQ settings - the main reason why I use this app.

I'm really hoping someone can correct any of my assumptions above and or help me resolve this issue. 

Thank you SO much for your time - and response you may be able to provide!