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Morphit ATM50x profile - Nkirk - 05-25-2019

Hi Devs,

I'm a user of uapp and purchased Morphit profile for my  m50x. It seems there is only one profile sharing m50 and m50x. M50x profile seems to be in accurate as there is a big 10k bump in the 50xes which needs to be eqed. Enabling the profile futher boosts it making it not usable. Would highly appreciate if you can have a separate m50x profile done as there will be many who would be wanting it.

PS: my m50x is a genuine one.


RE: Morphit ATM50x profile - Nkirk - 05-25-2019

Should this have been posted in the bugs section?. Dear mods please move if you think so.

RE: Morphit ATM50x profile - dwrae - 05-31-2019

We'll forward the information to Toneboosters

RE: Morphit ATM50x profile - dwrae - 06-02-2019

They will try to make different profiles for the two models.