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UAPP and music on a Lan - Haw3000 - 06-02-2019

I'm so happy with UAPP and his unique parametric equalizer.
... but now I should access to the music on my NAS, in my LAN and the network option it's much worse than other programs.
If I have understood correctly, I can't add the songs to the library, and it's impossible to search a song and so one.

So: is it possible to use some other program to "manage the library" and to use UAPP like an external default music reader launched my the first program?
Thank you

pity for the LAN section, because UAPP it's the best.

RE: UAPP and music on a Lan - dwrae - 06-04-2019

It's uncommon for apps to have anything else but local storage in their library, simply because it would take ages to verify it the tracks are still there or if new ones were added. You could use UAPP's UPnP renderer and control it with another app like BubbleUPnP though.

RE: UAPP and music on a Lan - bak@cha - 07-06-2019

foobar 2000 is good for lan use. It is surprisingly feature rich as well.