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To improve EQ (Parametric and Graphic) management - flangaman - 10-10-2019

Hi dware,

I indicate you some improvement that could increase the app use:

1. in EQ Parametric, make a label with the name of preset loaded, or "no name" if it is new or "preset name - modified" if changed,

2. send to full screen the EQ Parametric form (landscape orientation, full full)

3. increase the dB scale resolution to 3 dB steps (or very better make it adjustable),

4. rename (and order?) the presets,

5. make equal the management of EQ Graphic to EQ Parametric (portrait/landscape), it is very important to know the current values.

6. I don't find anywhere the files of the EQ Graphic presets (to back up), can you tell me where, please?,
is possible instead store them in a folder (for example "GEQPresets") in UAPP folder like "TBEQPresets" for EQ Parametric?

I know you were already thinking about it..

USB Audio Player Pro is indispensable.

Ciao, Flavio.