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Qobuz offline - scherbakov.al - 11-17-2019

It would be great to have a buffer much larger than 30 seconds.  For example 2 hours.  It’s good to be able to save music to listen offline.  Maybe this will require permission from the streaming service.  But that would be a very valuable opportunity.

RE: Qobuz offline - dwrae - 11-30-2019

We are not allowed to.

RE: Qobuz offline - scherbakov.al - 12-02-2019

Is there any way to connect the output from Qobuz with a player that uses the internal high-res output of the phone? The player can use the built-in dac.  A Qobuz application is more convenient in some moments.  Is it possible to connect them usingn't a external DAC?  To let the Qobuz play using the internal DAC?

RE: Qobuz offline - scherbakov.al - 07-13-2020

The application for the computer Audirvana loads the entire track into the buffer. Does Qobuz really limit the buffering of tracks for android devices?

RE: Qobuz offline - joshvito - 08-13-2020

Came here looking to see if this feature was available.

RE: Qobuz offline - dwrae - 08-13-2020

We are not allowed to.