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Several features I would like to see added but great app!
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Hi, I want to be able to add 32 tracks in one shot not one at a time, and as posted earlier be able to arm all the tracks in record ready.
Another major feature that would be great that no one seams to have is to be able to lock the transport in record by holding down the record button for more than a few seconds and have a little lock appear on the record button of the transport so you know you are locked.
Then also hold the stop button for a certain amount of time to take the app out of record lock mode.
This would be great for multi tracking live shows and safe guard punching out of record by mistake. Joe Co black box recorders have this exact feature and it is a very good one. I recorded 48 tracks to my ipad pro 3rd gen 500 gigs without an issue, so looking at using it as a backup recorder with Audio Evolution but haveing to add one track at a time then put each one in record is time consuming. I know I can setup a template but it be nice to have the option. Also instead of having to send each track to a group to have it come up on different channels, it be better to be able to select the output of the interface you are using the same way you can select and input. N Track has that functionality. One more thing. It would be great if when you add 32 tracks and the ability to select all mono or stereo and have the app auto selects the inputs 1-32 or 1-16 in the case of stereo tracks instead of having to select each input. Now its, add an audio track select its input, select an output if you dont just want stereo, then put it in record ready.
Ok one last thing, when naming tracks like in pro tools the ability to name the kick on track one then have a buttun that says next to go to track 2 and name it instead of exiting the naming menu and re entering it on the next track.
It is an amazing app and I would pay more for these upgrades.
I'm here from the YouTube video you put up.

Seconding your requests, and adding a request for a recording buffer meter. That's another great feature of the aforementioned JoeCo recorders. CPU percentage isn't an issue when simply recording a bunch of tracks, but drive writing is.
Disk IO has never been an issue in our experience. If you turn on the CPU usage meter, the left meter is CPU usage, the right one is disk IO.
(06-22-2021, 05:54 PM)dwrae Wrote: the right one is disk IO.


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