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Edit volume on one section of a channel from a stereo recording
How can I increase or decrease volume for a channel in a stereo wav file, i.e. the left channel (or a portion in time)?

I was expecting it to be as simple as selection mode - single channel... then, "selecting the range with a finger, then go to something like effects, decrease volume. As this is not the path, I've tried it with automation:

First, split into two mono tracks (ok, I thought I was walking the right path)
Then: To try to mute (as an example test) the left channel, I've selected the track 2, then press auto, then add two points at the bottom of the track (one at the start of it and the other at the end).

(please take a look at the attached thumbnail; the signal is very weak but it's there...)
Then, if I press play I'm still hearing the two channels... But I was expecting to hear only one Huh

I've tried also to mixdown to a wav file (see it attached), but the results are the same:
.zip (Size: 383.67 KB / Downloads: 1)

Thanks in advance !
Looking at the waveforms in the audio clips you are showing, the clips are almost completely silent, so anything you try with volume and automation won't have effect. You need to make sure that your recording is significantly loud first.

That being said, you cannot change the volume of a left or right channel in a single stereo file. You would either need to use balance or better, split the stereo track into two mono tracks. But again, this has no use on the clips you are showing.

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