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I wish UAPP would be usable without the need for any GApps
I recently bought the app but had to immediately refund it since there is seemingly no way to use the app without having Google Play Store installed. Yes, it is my fault for not checking this requirement beforehand.

I'm not here to complain but just merely here to speak my mind and say that in the future I'd love to ever see an alternative way to buy and use UAPP without the need for any GApps. This would be very handy for people who not wish to have anything Google related installed on their phone. Unfortunately because of this I had to move to a competitor app that does support alternative ways for purchasing and licensing their app.

Again I'm not here to complain and i respect the developer(s) decisions for their apps, just wanted to share my thought that's all.
And we thank you for your feedback! Without it, we wouldn't know how much demand there really is. We already have done steps in this direction, but there are currently other priorities.

I am facing the same problem. I bought the license on Google play, but the verification of the licenses is obviously not possible. Has the project progressed on this point? Couldn't we buy the app directly from you, with a verification through an AUPP account ?

Best regards 

Not in the near future, no.

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