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Add to Tidal playlist only shows top few playlists as option
After v6 update, when I click on add to Tidal playlist I can only see the top few playlists as an option and can scroll down to the rest. I'm on android10 and my device is LG V60, latest app update as of today.

Also every time I exit the app I have to log in to Tidal again, every single time. I don't have to type my password but I need to click on the account Button and click login again for it to work, very annoying for me as I exit the app after Im finished.
Hopefully it will be addressed in the next update, thank you
Version 6028 should fix those.
(10-02-2021, 03:41 PM)dwrae Wrote: Version 6028 should fix those.

I didn't get this problem until the latest update (6028)!!

Edit: I mean the playlists problem. I cannot see all when adding
Should definitely be solved in 6028 and the problem was there betwee 6000 and 6028.

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