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More deliberate "Track" MIDI Remote Setup

I'm really enjoying the audio evolution mobile app but I'm missing an important feature for my setup regarding the track midi remote setup. 

On top of having the "'Increasing channel' or "'Increasing cc", i'd suggest adding an option so the user can specify the CC per track for controlling volume and others ( panning etc. ).

For example something like this: 
TRACK > Track 1 > Volume > channel 1 cc 20 
TRACK > Track 2 > Volume > channel 2 cc 88
TRACK > Track 3 > Volume > channel 1 cc 36

The reason is that the user can have a midi controller with some controls mapped to a specific cc's that doesn't want to change, and those cc's are not aligned with the "increasing channel" or "increasing cc" methods. 

Thanks for your input, but this is just not common and would be a user interface headache.

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