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flac tracks skipped after playing a few seconds
I'm listening to flac files with a Samsung Galaxy note 3 (With Android 5.0) and an Ibasso D14. The files are streamed from a foobar2000 server installed on my PC. I have UAPP ver. 2.5.2.
It happens quite often that the track plays for about 5 or 10 seconds only, then it is skipped to the next one.
I have to manually go back to the right track, which, then, plays normally.
What about this ?
Sounds like the data is not coming in fast enough. You can try increasing the buffer size.
the buffer is presently set at 100 ms.
If I set it to the maximum (8192 frames), are there any drawbacks ?
No, not at all.
I have tried every possible buffer size (exept the lagest one, which doesn't work).
The problem remains :
Any track that follows a long track is skipped after playing 3 or 4 seconds.
By "long" track I mean a track that is longer than about 10 minutes or so (typeical of a classic symphony movement)
When the tracks are about 3 or 4 minutes long, there is no problem.
Any ideas ?
Forgot to ask: are you using UPnP/DLNA or Network/Samba?

What it also sounds like is that the meta data is at the end. It happens with some flac encoders. Problem is that ffmpeg needs to go through the entire song to find the meta data, causing lots of wifi traffic. We had one customer reencoding it with a different program and the problem went away.
I'm using UPnP/DLNA
My encoder is Exact Audio Copy (EAC).
Has ffmpeg something to do with UAPP ?
My problem is that I have thousands of encoded flac files. I cannot afford to rencod them. (One CD takes about 8 minutes or more...).
Is there a solution to reencode them from file to file (i;e; not from the cd) ?
Any other solution ?
Would it be possible to send us two flac files (through a cloud service for example)? Please use info AT

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