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Track Recording issues with MIDI
It's hard to say exactly how this happens, so I'm hoping someone else has seen it or knows what's going on.

I add a USB MIDI track.  Record something, decide I made a mistake and undo it.  Then I re-arm the track and press record...and....the track is now an AUDIO track not a MIDI track.  

The only thing I can think of is that somehow in the process of undoing it's easy to nuke the MIDI track or something, and an audio track somehow gets 'auto-created' and appears to be the same track.

It has happened many times and I now have to slow down VERY much and work with the app very slowly so as to make sure that a MIDI track *stays* a MIDI track.  I think some kind of 'Track Lock' should be implemented that prevents a track from being removed before unlocking it.  In Addition, there should be an option to never 'auto-add' a track when record is pressed.  This might eliminate accidental audio tracks from being added.

Again, I can't say FOR SURE this is a bug...but I can't tell you how many times I've tried to re-record a MIDI sequence only to find it's now an Audio Track.
This is one of the bugs with USB MIDI tracks. I noticed it weeks ago and started to write a mail about to the developers but did not finish.

Another bug is 'ghost notes' on USB MIDI tracks. While recording, in addition to the notes that I play, some extra notes get recorded on USB MIDI tracks sometimes! Is this a bug or my USB MIDI adapter is faulty?

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