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Track Editing feature requests
Here's a smattering of requests based upon trying to use this for both recording and editing:

1.  Put some commonly used buttons on each track row itself.  For instance, mute/solo/arm.  If I have 5 tracks, every operation requires selecting the track and pushing the appropriate button.  Further, there's no way to see at once which tracks are muted/armed.  You literally have to tap every track and inspect its values.  Any kind of indicator, or ideally a toggle, should be added on the left of each row so that it can quickly be toggled.

2.  Allow me to 'lock' a track to always play.  I layer vocal parts on top of the instrumental piece.  I want to hear them individually or in sets (say, all the sopranos), but I do NOT want the instrumentation to disappear.  Particularly with the awkwardness of the issue mentioned in issue number 1 above, this is painful.

3.  Please fully document the MIDI piano roll editor.  It's hard to use and I normally just give up and re-record.  In particular, resizing notes or trying to limit their shifting from left to right rather than moving up and down would be great.

4.  Respect my selection of the Xtream driver and don't ask me every time USB is detected.

Why is #4 STILL happening? lol
We'll look into your other points, but #4 is a flaw of Android's permission system itself, we cannot do anything about it.
Cool dwrae!  Not really a deal breaker of course.......but now that I maybe have your attention how about the track monitoring issue I recently posted with pic, is that an Android issue also?
Also any response can be done on my recent post as to not hijack rmagruder's OP.
+1 for Mute/Solo/Arm permanently on the left of each track. Would take up almost no room and would be most helpful.

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