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Selecting "Shuffle All" causes hang
Something that has happened a few times now - when I am in the Artist view, I select "Shuffle All" then it hangs on "Selecting Songs...". It normally chooses the 100 tracks very quickly.

I have left it but its just hanging. I've tried closing UAPP and going back into it and trying again but still hanging.

This is on the new version which fixes the same album name issue but has also happened on 3.3.3

EDIT - Selecting manual scan returns "The database is not ready yet. Please Wait!" message.

EDIT2 - Can even clear the database, get the same database not ready message...

How can I fix this issue?
I'll try to reproduce it, but if you get that message it is probably scanning the file system for new songs in the background. What happens if you turn that feature off?
How can I turn it off? "Shuffle All" is an action to perform, not an option/check box

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