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Google Music Integration
Google Music integration

Yet another fantastic innovation for our favourite player.

Is there any documentation to support this feature?

I don't have a subscription but have uploaded around 300 albums.

I can now access these through USB AP Pro.

Snags I'm experiencing as of 05/04/2018 are as follows

1. The order of albums in Music Library is not the same as through Google Music Player.
2. Many album tracks are not in the correct order
3. Many albums tracks will not play at all (play time bar shows track finished and will not start from there)

My 'synchronizing process' included over 9000 items and took just a few minutes.

As many albums play without issue I'm assuming teething trouble.

I'm liking the new look and constant updates
Keep up the excellent work
Best regards
Having the same experience/issue as the above post.

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