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Possible UI issues (Volume Metering + PEQ Spectrum Analyzer)
Hey guys, absolutely love UAPP and been using it for a couple of years. All the recent updates are fantastic but I seem to have an odd problem which isn't game breaking but thought I'd ask here to see if it's my phone or a potential bug.

On my Moto G4 the volume metering and spectrum analyzer in the parametric EQ are running very slow and sometimes lock up completely. This happens when using my LH Labs Geek Out USB DAC and also when using the Android driver when using my BT headphones.

It's a bit of a pain timing wise as I decided to integrate my SD Card into phone storage around the same time you guys started pumping out the recent updates for UAPP so I'm not sure if it's my phone or something going on within UAPP.

Any ideas?

Besides this niggly problem I'd like to take this opportunity to say that the work you do on UAPP is much appreciated, it is such an amazing audio player! Thank you very much :)
Thanks! Is there an easy way to reproduce it? I assume it doesn't happen when you first open the EQ, but after some time?
Guessing it's not a known issue then! It seems to be happening from app start up on both volume meter and PEQ analyzer. I've got no lag or freezing on any other UI elements whatsoever.

I first noticed it a week or two ago and thought it may have been introduced with one of the recent incremental updates so I checked on Play Store if there were any newer updates available, which there was. After update the problem went away but has since returned.

Might be easier to show with a video, I'lll try and sort something when I get home.
Just done a quick double check while in work - it seems to only happen while using bluetooth now but it definitely was doing the same on a previous version version while using my Geek Out DAC.

Tested fine on USB DAC and Android driver without bluetooth enabled :)

Edit: BT headphones are NuForce BE6i though not sure if it's relevant.

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