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GUI improvement
Hello developers!

UAPP is cool player, but GUI is not perfect. I propose some tweaks:

1. Artists/Albums/... tab
[Image: 1_original.jpg]
[Image: 1_problems.jpg]
- icons at the top are all in different styles and different colors, EQ icon is not recognizable
- text (album name, artist) is not aligned (by left edge) with album picture
- it would be great to move the text closer to corresponding picture: it will be easier to understand is it caption for top picture or bottom, it will add additional spacing between rows
- some icons are in low resolution

[Image: 1_fixed.jpg]

2. Album view
[Image: 2_original.jpg]
[Image: 2_problems.jpg]
- same problems with icons
- vertical spacing between tracks is too small and inconsistent, it is hard to visually identify individual items (tracks)
- second text line of track item has format: <artist> / <album name> - it makes no sense, album name already shown at the top and it is the same for all items, plus it almost always the text is trimmed. Please show <artist> only on this line
- time text has awkward font size, and it is not aligned vertically with other text, I recommend to align it by baseline with first line (track name) and use same font size
- as delimiter for time it is better to use "ratio" symbol (U+2236) rather than colon - 12∶34 vs 12:34
- it would be cool if you'll make indents for track numbers, plus align track numbers by right side (dot) if there is more than 9 tracks
- I recommend to make all text gray, except actual track names - it is most important info in the list, plus it will help to visually separate track items in the list

[Image: 2_fixed.jpg]

3. Playback view
[Image: 3_original.jpg]
[Image: 3_problems.jpg]
- "Hi-Res" mark has extra white border, plus it has "3D" effect - better to use "flat" icon without borders
- progress slider need to be aligned/resized to left and right edge
- time text on left need to be aligned to left edge, time text on right ...
- it would be nice to move <album name> line up to cover art, like in Album view - it will be consistent, plus while you are playing album this caption will remain static and only changeable text (track name and artist) will be shown lower
- track name is main info in the view, it would be great to highlight it (make the text bright white) - same idea: all text is gray except track name
- <track name> by <artist> is not great format, most of the time artist name is trimmed, plus it is visually merged with track name, I propose to move <artist name> to next line like in Album view
- long line with technical info: there is too many zeros, use kHz instead (there is cool char "SQUARE HZ" U+3390 ㎐); you are missing spaces between number and unit (use "192 k㎐" instead of "192k㎐"); "1234 kbps" instead of "1234 Kbps" ("k" in lower case); I believe "File: " text is redundant; it looks good if info for source "192 k㎐  24 bits  5539 kbps" aligned to left edge and info for output "android 48 k㎐" aligned to right edge
- "previous" and "next" buttons are too close to "play" button

[Image: 3_fixed.jpg]

4. Icons
- most of the icons look "bold", take a look at my version...

.zip (Size: 832.48 KB / Downloads: 1)
And please don't forget for users with landscape orientation (e.g. TV)!
Currently album art is too small, and a lot of space occupied on top and bottom in vain.
I thought it is "eXtream Software DEVELOPMENT" forum.. But it seems developers don't give a .. to propositions for development of UAPP. Zero response in months! :-((((((((((

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