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Huawei P20 Pro "Error starting playback!"
I have just bought this new smartphone. The usb driver is correctly initialized, but when I try to play a song, I have the message "Error starting playback!"
I have tried with direct connection to dac with OTG cable and with dac powered by battery using a custom Y cable (this system is working perfect with Xiaomi Mi Max) 

If you have some suggestions...

Note: I am using this cable:
After more tests, I discovered that is working fine only with Android driver, without power supply, using NwAvGuy DAC (JDSLAB)
The Android driver is probably holding on to the device. You could enable the Android developer options and enable the 'Prevent USB audio routing' option (it can be named differently on different Android versions).
I have enabled it, but I am always receiving "Error starting playback!" if I leave the app take control of USB driver (also after rebooting).
Not a big problem, since it seems that in huawei 20 pro android audio driver is playing hi-res files at full resolution.
I encountered the same message in Honor 6x. Found out that the cause is high buffer size.
(07-18-2018, 10:23 AM)xPotato Wrote: I encountered the same message in Honor 6x. Found out that the cause is high buffer size.

In my  case this is not working. It seems also that with android driver the only available sample rates are 44k anx 48k. With variable sampling rate I have always 48k. Fixed 44k is working, I think.
I have tried to access /proc/asound to view the real sample rate but I cannot view the content of the relevant files.
Today I tested with my home dac (Holo audio spring) and really on USB dac with android driver the sampling rate is blocked at 96khz!
This is confirmed here:
Android always uses the highest sample rate possible (read: upsample) when using a USB DAC
I have the same issue with my P20 and a FiiO Q1, they see each other but i get the Playback error msg...
Is this a Huawei issue?
Can it be fixed? Tried almost every setting and the 'Prevent USB audio routing' suggested above.
DAC usb c ibasso dc02 and dc01 dongle work with hi direct driver in my huawei p20 pro.

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