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Manual switch to initialise USB driver
Quote:Trying to stop Android charging Fiio USB DAC
First thanks USB Audio player Pro got the DAC working with Andriod, now I am trying to stop Android from trying to charge the DAC which has it’s own battery.
Without root, where the may be a possible proc setting that could be switched I can see a couple of options:
  • Your driver has a switch ( which may not be possibly without root )

  • Chop the power line in the OTG cable
Given I had two OTG USBc to micro cables I chopped the power line in the OTB cable. The result is Android still recognises a USB cable connected, but Audio Player Pro does not initialise the USB audio driver. DAC not working but also not being charged :-)

Quote:I wonder if a manual switch to initialise your USB audio would work?


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