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Beta Testing Questions
Hi I have some questions, comments.

Will the beta topic be opened or should we use TestFlight only?

Is it okay to post beta test videos here?

How do I delete/remove a track?

Can anyone successfully connect AE to DrumPerfect pro, if so how?

To delete/remove a track long press in the timeline of that track.
[Image: E8E5866C-B9BE-4061-8FBC-41D356A16569.png]

My first mixdown - not good
[Image: CA6D459A-0816-4CBE-B1E4-10E4B5013C25.png]Three audio tracks and one midi drum track driving Drum Session with effects as pictured on master out.

[Image: 2B141905-CE60-4E5B-89A0-E7286BB6FD89.png]
Apparently it’s Drum Session. AE can’t use the app, it spits out high volume digital noise and shuts down the audio output of AE so it needs arestart.
For reporting issues when running a beta from TestFlight, please use email directly.

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