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Internal DAC usage
Hi Dev,

New user here, experimenting and enjoying the app still,(Nearly went deaf by selecting unsupported options for the, almost settled with the settings now.

Thanks for taking on the task of supporting internal/external DACs which has been neglected mostly by many.

I have a couple of questions.

My devise is LG v20- using the internal DAC 

Should the hifi toggle be enabled within android just like we usually do when using the stock LG music app for the DAC to properly be enabled? I mean even if its not enabled the would audio be routed through the DAC as the screen confirms "Direct:xxx" after the custom driver is selected within the app?

Is there a way to enable more volume steps when using the internal dac? like in the stock hifi mode in LG app? 

How does the hi-impedance mode gets triggered when using customer driver in the app, does it indicate when enabled? not using ATM but curious.

Thanks in advance,
You can enable the HiFi DAC. Either way, it uses a direct audio path, but only if you enable the HiFi DAC it will use the better DAC. The app does not control volume itself, it's handled by the hardware volume control buttons, so the number of steps cannot be customized I think.

We have no knowledge on the hi-impendance mode. In any case, it cannot be changed by regular Android API.
Thanks for the answer. So inorder to get the best sound quality i should have the hifi toggle enabled from Android and select the custom driver from player.

That solves the volume steps isuue as well, as when hifi mode is enabled 80 step vol mode gets activated since Oreo.

Hi impedance mode get activated automatically when such headphones are plugged in which increases the output levels. You can force enable it using build prop, but generally not needed though.


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