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DSD 'glitches' and lack of gapless playback
I have a Samsung A5 (2017) connected to Chord Mojo DAC and this software has been a revelation.  It works brilliantly with the Chord MOjo for Flac files including hi resolution files.  It will play DSD files successfully, however, there are a couple of recurring issues.  Firstly, at the beginning of each track, and occasionally within a track 'glitches' / noise is heard.  Secondly, DSD files aren't played back gapless and of course as mentioned here, there is always a glitch / noise between tracks.  I'm using the DOP mode for DSD playback.
For glitches within a track, we suggest enabling USB tweak 2 and setting the USB buffer size to 400 milliseconds. For glitches between tracks we have no solution yet. DSD cannot really be 'appended' so the playback will stop entirely, then start again, which may cause a glitch.

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