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Audio playback during record
just installed the app . connected my line in-adapter  and am able to record through this (i can see on the VU meter and the recorded wav contains the expected sound). But i'm not able to monitor during recording or while activating the "monitor button" ...also tried the "SW monitor setting checkbox..... I changed the "output" from "USB" to "android" ...but still no sound in the speakers of my android tablet (Samsung Tab A, Android 7.7.7) ...any hints ?
best regards
You need to enable Software monitoring, but that only works if your USB audio interface has an output.

my device as an audio output - but does that mean that there is no way to "monitor" with the internal speakers ? whats the option "output:android" for ?
The output option in UARP is only for playback. It wouldn't have much use since latency would be very high.
ok...guess i got it ...thx

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