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I recently moved from HTC 10 to LG V40 purely so i could use UAPP to it's full potential.

One feature i miss from HTC was a feature in their audio app which tuned their audio system somehow to balance out each persons left and right ears frequency range. (dependent on the headset). They called it personal profile. I just call it ear-print.

here is a YouTube demonstrating:

I know from hearing tests that my left ear has a different frequency print than my right ear. example. My right ear doesn't hear high frequency as well as i do in my left ear and thus need a boost the respective band etc etc but only on the right ear.

I very much doubt LG are going to do anything similar. Is it possible for UAPP to develop some plugin that allows such auto tuning of ears (headphones)?

Thank You for UAPP.
No, but you can change frequency bands for L and R separately in the parametric EQ.
Wow, I didn't even knew that HTC have such kind of functions
Have a huge experience in VR content development

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