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Hardware Volume jump in sound
Hello I am using a hiidez sonata 2 and an audiolab p-dac and with both I am experiencing loud jumps in volume that happen as I’m using toe volume slider. It’s usually only on the right channel and then jumps back down as the volume changes. I’m using a pixel xl 3.

This doesn’t happen with the software volume but prefer to use hardware.  Incidentally, how does the software volume work?  Does it operate at 24bits or 32bits?

Thanks you.
With the DAC attached, select About in the left panel, then select the button to send feedback to the developers. Add a little note referring to this thread. Do this for both DACs if both suffer from the same problem.

After that we'll send you a file to install in the UAPP folder which will solve the problem as an intermediate solution.

Software volume is done in 32-bit floating point.

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