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Improve how UAPP retries when network data is lost

I listen to UAPP all the time when commuting, I currently stream Qobuz but have also used Tidal, so that's 2 hours every day, 5 days a week - that's a lot of time using UAPP.

There is definitely something not quite right with buffering or how UAAP is retrying when I drive into an area where I lose mobile data i.e. loss of network data. I'm having to constantly intervene to either hit the play button icon again or select the next track to get music playing again, otherwise UAPP will sit there forever with no music playing even when I'm in an area with mobile data.

So what I want is some options to (1) aggressively retry to recover the audio playback, indicate this in the UI by changing the play icon to something else. (2) an option to rewind to the start of the network buffer, if I have the network buffer set to 30 seconds then I should have 30 seconds of music assuming the buffer is full. So pause music for 2 secs, indicate in the UI loss of network data, start playing music from the buffer while in the background obviously retrying to add more music to the buffer. Increasing the buffer to 120 secs perhaps would also help ? I have unlimited mobile data so I don't need to worry about consuming data.

Qobuz and Tidal behave in the same way - so this definitely isn't specific to any streaming service.
I do +
same wish from me +
I signed in to this forums just to file about this bug. But sort of forgot as the sign-in process was a long wait for approval.

Yes. The network behavior is bonkers. I just need to walk out from my house and the barely in range wifi somehow makes the app completely stop even trying. I look at the app and it's not doing anything.

- I have to take the phone out of my pocket, disable the wifi and skip to next song for it do anything. It will not do anything otherwise even if i get completely out the range of the wifi.

This has never been a problem with any other streaming apps. Odd additional information though, If i just disable the wifi while playing, the app works correctly.

It also doesn't help that the only place the app shows that it's buffering is when the in-app playing screen is minimised to the bottom. It doesnt show the same information when it's up full screen.

These complaints aside, love the app. Good work.

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