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Adjusting drum velocity

I can't figure out how to adjust the velocity of each drum hit. In the Instrument version of the piano roll it can be done but when I create a MIDI drum track from scratch, in the drum version of the piano roll there doesn't seem to be any way of altering the velocity of each hit. 

I suppose I could do it by creating an instrument track and then changing the synth patch to a drum but then I've got the problem of having to work with a keyboard showing on the left and no way of knowing what note is what drum.

I'm trying to create a natural sounding acoustic drum loop but with no changes in velocity, it sounds very robotic and like a drum machine. Also, some kit pieces, eg Ride 2 in the Jazz kit which I purchased inside the app, are way too quiet. 

Can anyone help please.


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Adjusting drum velocity - by StuartA - 04-23-2020, 12:00 AM
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