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Recording audio from AUv3 on IOS

First of all, I am having an excellent time with this app on IOS, and absolutely love it. 

I am interested in loading up an AUv3, playing with a midi controller, and recording directly into audio.

As it is right now, I have been adding auv3 as a midi instrument, and it by default records to midi. Then I have been creating a new track, freezing the AUv3 track and dragging the automatically created audio file from the freeze track to the newly created track. This was the fastest method I could come up with.

The other method I found was to render the entire auv3 track, filename it, then re-import it, but that felt a little too cumbersome, especially when the tracks tend to get more complex and varied.

I did find a third method, where I load the auv3 in another daw, like Nanostudio2, then load Nanostudio2 as an IAA, and record straight to audio, but again, I found that setup a little clunky.

So, I was wondering if there is a way to record directly from the auv3 track into audio to save time and improve workflow, either by

a) routing audio from the auv3 track into a separate audio track and recording, or
b) by directly rendering just the midi clip into audio without having to save it, create a file name, and re-import it to a new track.

or some other method you might suggest or I might not have thought of.

Thanks for the great app, and I appreciate any advice or response.

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