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Recording audio from AUv3 on IOS
Ok, so I looked into this a little more, and it seems most other DAWs like cubasis are also unable to record audio directly from auv3, so it might be a limitation of iOS or something, or just very difficult to implement.

It seems like the best method is load auv3 as a midi track and freeze the track.

IAA audio still works well, but I have another related question. Is there a way to make AEM see IAA audio output from AUM?

I can load an auv3 in AUM and change the output of AUM to IAA output. Then I open a new audio track in AEM, and try to add the IAA as an input. AEM detects nanostudio 2, and several other IAA synths, but doesn't seem to detect AUM.

In contrast, if I load a midi instrument track, it does actually detect AUM's IAA output, but does not record anything.

Any idea on how to get AEM to detect AUMs IAA output on an audio track?

P.s. Thank you so much for your responses and all the hard work on the app. Because of how much good work you've done, I am enjoying the app and am using it for tons of projects now.

As reference, this video is an example of what I'm talking about with routing AUM to audio via IAA. I just don't have cubasis, and much prefer the workflow of AEM

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