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Audio Evolution Mobile v5 for Android is rolling out!
Audio Evolution Mobile v5 for Android is starting to roll out today! This is a huge update, please see the release notes below. Since it's a staged rollout, not everyone will get the update today. The percentage of users who will receive the update will be gradually increased in the coming period to keep the support load manageable. All new features will come to the iOS version in the course of the year.

* Virtual analog synthesizer 'Evolution One' based on the popular Synth One from AudioKit! Featuring morphing oscillators, FM, Sub Osc, Noise, Portamento, 2 LFO's that can be routed to 12 targets, Moog type filtering, effects, ARP, sequencer and more!
* The effects section has been completely redesigned:
  • The 3 insert effect slots have been replaced by a grid on which an unlimited number of effects can be placed.
  • The second row of the grid can be used to create parallel effect paths.
  • New look for the standard effects featuring rotary controls with an input and output level meter per effect.
  • Updated user interface for the graphic EQ to match the new design.
  • Modifiers like LFO and 'Lock to tempo' can be added to an effect parameter or instrument ADSR control.
  • Effects can be re-ordered, meaning that for example the EQ can be put before or even between inserts
  • Mixer channel processing blocks like volume, EQ and effect sends are also displayed on the grid and can therefore be re-ordered as well.
  • The position of effect sends in relation to the 'Volume/Pan' block determines pre or post.
  • An unlimited number of effect sends can be added.
  • The Compressor and ToneBoosters Compressor now have a side-chain feature.
  • The Compressor now features a gain reduction meter.
  • The effects selection dialog now features 'Effect categories' like Delay, EQ, Last used and Purchased for quicker selection.
  • If you are really attached to the 3 effect slots, you can choose that option (or 4 slots) in the settings.
* Tempo and time signature change: add tempo markers for tempo and time signature changes in the project. Tempo change can also be made gradually between tempo markers.
* The arranger/timeline screen now features a new user interface: editing of clips can now be done faster without a scroll/edit mode.
* Added Vocal Tune PRO effect, a much higher quality pitch correction effect for vocals than the original Vocal Tune. Features the ability to add artificial vibrato and displays pitch deviation. It shares the same in-app purchase as the original Vocal Tune, so if you already own Vocal Tune then Vocal Tune PRO is free.
* Added Toneboosters Barricade V4, EQ V4, ReelBus V4 and Reverb V4 effects (in-app purchase required)
* Added real-time pitch shifter effect
* Added 'Auto split' option to the audio clip pop-up menu.
* Added file type selection for 'Save to audio file'.
* Added preference option to show marker names instead of a number.
* Added 'Octave offset' to MIDI input dialog for MIDI keyboards without octave up/down button.
* Added 'Maximize output' option to the Mix-down project dialog to render the project to a maximum of 0dB.
* Added an option to the instrument dialog to create an instrument from an audio file, like a sampler.
* Added triplet options to drum pattern editor
* Added Sustain (ADSR) control to the virtual keyboard.
* Added 'Convert to drum pattern track' option to instrument track pop-up menu.
* Added sending of MIDI clock sync and song position pointer to synchronize external MIDI equipment.
* When changing grid size in the drum pattern editor, the notes will not be quantized anymore to the new grid size. Instead, notes that do not 'fit' the grid are drawn with a transparent color.
* Improved time stretching algorithm
* Replaced 'Import song from music database' with our own implementation instead of being dependent on installed third party apps.
* Position of mixer tabs is remembered when returning from adding an effect, pressing Next, etc.
* The leftmost visible channel in the mixer display is remembered when pressing Next.
* Drum sounds can be renamed for soundfonts other than GeneralUser.sf2
* The drum pattern editor now features a Velocity button to enter velocity drawing mode instead of going through a drum sound's pop-up menu.
* Automation editing now snaps to grid.
* The effects from Fx pack 1 and 2 are now free (no IAP required anymore).
* Clip volume can now also be set for instrument/drum clips.
* Vertical zooming now centers on the initial zoom position.
* A Settings button is displayed when space is available.
* Switched to the Material theme for standard dialogs with an orange accent color.
* Moving a horizontal slider (Pan, EQ, etc.) now requires you to hit the knob itself which prevents jumps and allows double-tapping to see the value in 'Enter value' without changing the parameter.
* Solved an issue with performing non-realtime effects on 32-bit floating point WAV files.
* Reduced the number of actions that would unarm tracks automatically.
* EQ parameters displayed a value between 0 and 1 in the 'Current value' field of Automation. Solved.
* The file browser now uses a folder icon for folders instead of displaying <dir>
* Added 'Rename marker' option.
* 'Get tempo from range' resulted in a rounded tempo. Solved.
* When session latency correction was active, the USB audio latency correction wasn't applied. Solved.
* The uppermost position of the pitch wheel in the virtual keyboard display resulted in a lower pitch. Solved.
* With 'Optimize CPU usage' enabled in the USB audio settings, recording could fail under certain conditions. Solved.
* When creating a new track, the arrange page will scroll such that the new track is fully in view.
* Solved an issue where moving an automation point to its maximum value could lead to a NaN number.
* The state of the Loop button was not correct after changing it in the drum pattern display or piano roll editor. Solved.
* The Soundfonts folder could not always be set to the SD card. Solved.
* Added support for the Steinberg UR22-C (and probably other USB3 audio interfaces)
* Since the Oboe audio system contains OpenSLES support for Android devices pre-8.1 and has better latency correction, the OpenSLES option was removed.

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