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Lost samples during long recordings
(08-03-2015, 11:34 PM)gryaznoff Wrote: Hi,

First of all thanks for opening the forum! And thank you for AE mobile, I love it!

I have LG G Pad 8.3, Android 4.4
Presonus 18VSL
recording to the external SD (some fast Kingston card).

Usually it works flawlessly, but I would like to have an ability to record long live concerts (2-3 hours). AE splits the WAV files into 1GB each. I noticed, there is time gap between separate files of one long recording, so a few samples (or even seconds) seem to be lost. AE doesn't very careful with creation new files or it's my device fault?
Could we have an option not to split large files? It's quite often to have the exFAT system on SD cards, so why we need to split files onto 1gb? Is there any solution?

Having option to record losless audio like USB Audio recorder pro also would be very nice and useful feature in this case! I often use USB recorder but it doesn't record several mono tracks which I need (or I'm wrong?), only stereo files in multi-track mode.

Thank you for your great job! Keep going!
All the best

That sounds like a bug. We'll test it with a sine wave. The app must split files because there is a 2GB limit.
I am not sure what you mean by 'having option to record lossless audio'. AEM always records lossless in the appropriate WAV format matching the resolution of the (USB) audio stream.

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