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trying to enable 24bit recording
I've been an AEM user for a few years now actually and have been pleased with the results for creating demos and live recordings. Recently though I acquired a condenser microphone and have been interested in using it for full on final vocal recordings since the use of my phone (Sony xperia XZ1c) is dead quiet operation and has a great processor. In past demo recordings with a dynamic mic the 16 bit format sufficed but with the new condenser it seems like 24 bit is warranted. However I have been unable to get my sound card (M-Audio Fast Track Pro) to register as a 24 bit device in the software despite the fact it's native operating mode is 24bit. Is it the sound card's fault? Is the phone to blame? Is it the sd card? (it is not A1 class). Is the brand of OTG cable important? I tried activating the Force 1 packet per transfer option to no avail. What do you recommend? I have been eyeing the Steinberg UR-RT2  as a possible sound card upgrade but as a struggling musician of course would prefer to get my existing gear to function if possible.

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