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How can I know the exact bitrate output?
I'm using a LG G7, running Android 10. I was curious about the bitrate output when playing 16/44(CD Quality) and MQA mastered songs.

With bit-perfect enabled and everything else is not touched, AudioFlinger output recognizes the audio bitrate correctly, but I realized that in logcat, while playing 16/44 audio, the bitrate is set to 24/48, with the log saying "LGE does not support 44.1 native play backset default Sample Rate(48k)". 
And while playing MQA mastered songs, the MQA flag seems to be untouched, with the log saying "mqa_enable= 0, active_mqa_offload = 0". But in the app, the MQA logo appears with no blue/green light.

Setting the MQA flag checked manually seems to work, with the log saying "mqa_enable = 1, active_mqa_offload = 1", and the bitrate in the log and UAPP is showing 24/176 than 24/44.

So I'm confused, because I heard that UAPP outputs 16/44 to 24/44, and with MQA audio, even though the player is saying "setting mqa flags" at default settings(with bit-perfect enabled), it seems to be not working even though setting MQA flags manually makes it know that it's an MQA audio. It makes me more confusing because AudioFlinger output is recognizing every audio exactly, so it makes me doubt about the logs.

So in short, my question is,
0. is the bitrate shown in logcat trustworthy?
1. Is it normal to be outputting 16/44 audios to 24/48?
2. Is MQA decoding not working in Android 10 in default settings?

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How can I know the exact bitrate output? - by dingo424 - 10-08-2020, 06:35 AM

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