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USB Audio Player PRO for Thesycon USB (Denafrips DAC) unstable

I got my new Denafrips DAC, which has Thesycon USB interface.

USB Audio Player PRO is very unstable,

If I play 44.1 KHz sample rate file, it works at very first time... immediately I change the song which has 48 kHz. it sucks every few seconds.

Then I remove and reconnect the USB cable, again it works with any sample rate. Then I change to another sample rate song.. it fails.

My Player is HiMedia Q10Pro (Android 7)

Please help me to fix the problem, else I have no option to use this player.

Luxman L-505uX II Integrated Amp
Avalon Ascendant Speakers
Denafrips IRIS DDC
Denafrips Pontus DAC
HI-MEDIA Q10Pro - Android Media Player + 4TB Internal and 5TB External Storage Support.
Marantz SA8005 - SACD Player


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USB Audio Player PRO for Thesycon USB (Denafrips DAC) unstable - by pravin - 10-28-2020, 09:10 PM

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