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Closing the app
Same question here except that even after a force quit it seems that Google Play/Qobuz can't access the DAC and nothing plays. If I uninstal UAPP then Google Play/Qobuz play through the DAC.
Help please.

(09-25-2015, 02:35 PM)Somerled Wrote: Hi,
Fantastic app and it does pretty much everything i need it to do.

One thing i find annoying is i can't get the program to close properly unless i go to settings\apps and force quit. This is with HTC M8 android ver 5.0.1.

The reason its annoying is 2 fold.
1: no other music program will work through OTG when USB Player Pro is still running
2: when i force quit it looses all settings. ie: tweak settings to help remove glitches.

I can use the "recent apps" button to close most apps but USB Player Pro is still running after i do this. It stays in notifications and will not close if i try swiping it.

Is there any other way i can close this?

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