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Closing the app
(09-25-2015, 02:35 PM)Somerled Wrote: Hi,
Fantastic app and it does pretty much everything i need it to do.

One thing i find annoying is i can't get the program to close properly unless i go to settings\apps and force quit. This is with HTC M8 android ver 5.0.1.

The reason its annoying is 2 fold.
1: no other music program will work through OTG when USB Player Pro is still running
2: when i force quit it looses all settings. ie: tweak settings to help remove glitches.

I can use the "recent apps" button to close most apps but USB Player Pro is still running after i do this. It stays in notifications and will not close if i try swiping it.

Is there any other way i can close this?

The proper way to close the app is to use the Back button when in the app's main screen. The app then calls a function to reattach the kernel driver. How well that works depends on the Android/kernel. Closing the app in the recent apps list will only close activities, not apps. The background service which holds the USB driver will not always be closed then.

Force quitting an app does NOT clear settings. Clearing the app's data/cache does.

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