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Two questions on Morph-it

yesterday I paid the extra cost for the Morph-it plugin, I played a little with the settings for my headphone and I've to say that the sound seems actually improved(!)

Now, all the EQ adjustments I ever see usually need a preamp decrease of some dB in order to compensate the increment in some frequencies, and then avoiding distortion. For example, the AutoEQ settings for my ATH-R70x  require a preamp of -6.3dB (parametric EQ) or -5.6dB (fixed band EQ):

QUESTION 1: Is such preamp setting (-dB) included in the Morph-it profiles of UAPP? or needs to be set by the user in "Gain"?

Moreover, by reading the Mortph-it instructions available on the ToneBoosters web site, it seems that to have to "right" correction the "Amount" need be set to 100%.
QUESTION 2: why when I opened for the first time the plugin I found the "Amount" set to 120%? 


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