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Slow Music/Database Scans

I have UAPP on a few Android devices and while none of them are the highest of performance units of today, they're no slouches. I have right around 54,000 tracks stored on SanDisk Extreme microSD cards and I find the full scanning of the music folder to be lots slower than other music players I've tried for comparison. I'm trying to figure this out and no luck so far.

Devices used:
Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
HiBy R6 2020
Sony NW-ZX507

For each of those I have the aforementioned SanDisk Extreme microSD in 400GB and 512GB; it's a very quick card. The overwhelming majority of the music loaded onto the cards has been converted from FLAC to M4A at 144 Kbps. To speed things up, I remove all tags on the converted files I've deemed not necessary for my usage. Tags kept are Artist, Album Artist, Album, Year, Track Number, Track Name and Genre; that's it, pretty stripped down. Album art is external and depending on the device the max size is 1000 pixels on the largest side.

The slowest device of the bunch is easily the NW-ZX507; it can take hours to do a full scan.

Any hints or suggestions?

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Slow Music/Database Scans - by Chainring - 08-06-2021, 01:50 AM

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