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Odd latency / transport behaviour.

I bought Audio Evolution Mobile specifically for the multi-usb MIDI in/out functionality, to send clock and to sequence hardware away from my main desktop DAW, while also adding some extra audio layers here and there and using some MIDI CC to control in-DAW parameters. I have plenty of experience with other mobile DAWs, and the latency on my Android 7 device has always been unusually excellent, with a negligible gap between key press --> note played. In other words, the usual Android latency suspects are not the issue here (but there still might be an obvious solution).

What seems to be happening is some kind of latency over-compensation, even if all latency settings are set to '0' and low-latency mode is selected. So, when I press play in the Audio Evolution transport, the outboard MIDI hardware starts playing immediately, and the AEMS sequencer starts about ~1/4 steps later. The outboard hardware is always ~1/4 ahead of the sequencer. In fact, without outboard gear connected, the sequencer still doesn't start instantly after pressing Play, there is always a ~1/4-3/8 delay before the sequencer fires up. 

It seems like there's an obvious solution to this, but I haven't been able to find it after an extended menu-dive.

Is this ~1/4 transport-lag by design? If so, how can I switch it off?

Thank you!

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Odd latency / transport behaviour. - by Latent_Stack - 08-06-2021, 11:01 AM
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