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[Newbie Question] Easier way to split multiple audio files
Hello All!

I have started actively using AEMS quite recently to edit the recordings from our band rehearsal next day at work.

What I usually work with 7-8 tracks of a two hour long session that I need to split to separate songs and then mix it the tracks for each song.

What I do at the moment is: 

  • Use range to select from beginning to the end of a song.
  • Tap on the selected range and select "Save to file(s)"
  • Write name for each file trying to remember which track is which since it does not tell you the name of the track but just the number. Track1 instead of Guitar as the file was named as.
  • Open a new project
  • Import the 7-8 audio files that were cut
  • And mix.

What I would like is somehow to use the split function to do something similar. As in create sound clips in the same project, select the clips and create a new project with those clips.

Anyone else has a better way of doing this ?


P.S: I think the "Active" split behavior is not working since it is doing the same thing no matter which behavior I choose... Because selecting multiple tracks and splitting them at the marker would be awesome. Right now I am splitting each file at the grid mark by clicking each one...

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