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stalking metronome
I record an evolution one track in 10/8 time - everything is fine.
I record a second evolution one track below the first, press stop, metronome keeps going on. When I disarm the corresponding track, the metronome stops, when I rearm it (without playing our recording), it reappears. Adding another track and recording there introduces a second metronome click, slightly delayed, also corresponding to the track being armed or not. Each added track will introduce its own slightly delayed metronome click, resulting in something like repeated drum rolls with a high enough number of tracks.
No drum track in project.
Problem disappeared after saving project, working on a different project and then opening the drum roll metronome project again - but I had this problem twice in two days, so probably not very rare.
I tried to repeat the above steps - no problem this time. The only difference I can think of were several editing steps in the drum roll metronome project, repeating regions, deleting etc.

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stalking metronome - by synthalabim - 02-15-2022, 11:13 AM

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