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headset plugged starts UAPP and others questions

first of all, many thanks for the UAPP great sound!

I have some questions for you:

1) when I plug the headphones, UAPP autostarts but it doesn't close when I remove them, so I have to close it manually, each time.
Is there any way to turn this off?

2) please add an auto-turn-off, if UAPP is idle for a certain amount of time (e.g. 5 min), it helps to save the battery!

3) there are no info about the tracks (e.g. bit rate, codec ..), or I wasn't able to find them ...

4) is there any way to hide some author/album from the list? For example, UAPP shows also my personal ringtones, recordings ... which is boring

cheers, Ste

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headset plugged starts UAPP and others questions - by CodeX - 10-12-2015, 11:45 AM

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