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Artwork not displaying in playlists?
I have an issue with the last few releases where album artwork won't display in playlists. A smaller issue is playlists now also displays the filename rather than song name/title. So if for example the file is called 01-Song.flac it will show this instead of 'Song'. These both change when I actually play a track in the playlist, the album art will show and the name of the song will show without the 01.

I can change the filename issue easily in my media library but I really miss the album artwork not displaying as it makes it easier to scroll through long playlists. I use .m3u playlists and have 'prefer embedded art' option selected.

Thanks for any help with this

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Artwork not displaying in playlists? - by Lib - 03-20-2022, 09:48 AM
RE: Artwork not displaying in playlists? - by Lib - 04-06-2022, 03:44 PM

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